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J. Kosek Fine Art

John Kosek has been a practicing artist in Northeastern Pennsylvania for over thirty years. His work encompasses landscapes, portraits, and figurature in pencil, pastels, watercolors, oils, or acrylics.

To view samples of his work, click on the thumbs below:

"Winston"--Ink/pastel, 18x24

"Nightview"--Ink, 18x24

"Moonlight"--Charcoal, 24x36

"Country Road"--Ink, 24x36

"Shuttle"--Ink, 12x18

"Reclining Figure"--Pencil, 12x18

"Guitar"--Charcoal, 24x36

"Kids"--Watercolor/ink, 22x29

"TK"--Charcoal, 24x36

"Coxton Yards"--Watercolor, 12x18

"Deer Spotting"--Ink, 12x18

"Adirondacks"--Watercolor, 22x30

"Holiday Hair"--Ink, 24x30

"Portrait"--Pastel, 22x30

"Portrait"--Pencil, 18x24

"Portrait"--Pencil, 22x30